iOS 7 Fishing Game with Sprite Kit

One of the biggest problems as a mobile developer working with designers is that when designers want to tweak anything like animation duration, font size, etc, I need to change it in code, recompile, rebuild, and then we see the effect. Unlike it is on web, where designers can tweak CSS properties and see the effects update in real time. This got me thinking. What if I have all these tweakable parameters in a plist, back up the plist with Dropbox datastore, have a web interface where designers can modify these parameters, and have the effect live update within a second?

In order to show off this feature, I built an iOS 7 fishing game with an awesome designer, Yi Wei. We built a game, because neither of us has ever built a game before, and I wanted to try out the new iOS 7 goodness - sprite kit. The whole game took us less than 3 days to build, thanks to sprite kit. The code is on github: github.

Home Dashboard with Raspberry pi
I got a raspberry pi at pycon, so I thought I'd put it in use this weekend. Since I'm too lazy to go buy a real corkboard and we happen to have several old monitors sitting around, I thought it'd be fun to make a home dashboard that pulls all important information like location and todos from google and display them on a monitor, just like a real corkboard. I also hooked up a webcam, which only takes a picture of our place every minute when neither my boyfriend or I am at home. The pictures are uploaded to Dropbox once they are taken. I also have a cron job running to prune any pictures that's more than one day old. Code is on github.
Dropbox Menu Site for the cafeteria
This is a menu website that allows menus to be added/edited/deleted by the company chefs and daily menus to be viewed on the flatscreen TV in the cafeteria or accessed through a browser or an API. Each menu item indicates ingredients, allergens, and health factor. Dropboxers can easily browse all the menus starting from when the cafeteria opened. The website populates google calendar and sends food emails automatically, 3 times a day. The menus are also easily printable into formatted food cards that are used for display in the cafeteria. This project is built on the Pyramid framework. Code is on github.
A Fast Thinking Connect-4 Game
Designed a fast Connect-4 game using negamax search and a pruning algorithm with a unique parallel approach on a multicore chip (written in C).
Dropbox File Browser for Mac OSX
A desktop file browser app that uses Dropbox Mac OSX SDK. It supports login/logout, viewing files, downloading multiple files with queuing, canceling downloads, etc. Code is on github.
Dropbox Picture Viewer Chrome Extension
This is a chrome extension that does the OAuth dance to authenticate with Dropbox, uses the Dropbox API to pull all the pictures out of a user's account, and displays them in a window to make them easily accessible. Drag and drop into Gmail or other windows is supported. The user can also configure what size image dropping should be. Code is on github.