Seeking a fulltime position as a senior iOS developer
Dropbox, Software Engineer(August 11 - current)San Francisco, CA
  • Undisclosed iOS Application - Built a new, undisclosed app on top of chromium for cross platform support. Utilized new Apple technologies such as Swift and Storyboards.
  • Carousel iOS - Wrote Dropbox's Carousel iOS app from scratch. Created a skeleton that myself and other team members filled in. Solved some technical challenges imposed on mobile. Responsible for building various project pieces, including Carousel's key strategic feature - conversations.
  • Dropbox Web - Built and released large-scale, user visible features such as cross platform notifications. Wrote many unit tests to maintain a large, complicated system that we built and developed.
  • Dropbox Core iOS App - Designed, implemented, and shipped game changing features such as camera upload and large file upload for the Dropbox iPhone and iPad apps, largely working solo.
  • Microsoft Office For Mac, Software Engineer(September 09 - August 11)Mountain View, CA
  • Architected, designed, and developed features for Outlook For Mac using Objective-C (Cocoa) and C++.
  • Area of responsibility included contacts, accounts, and distribution list expansion for mail and calendar.
  • Shipped Office for Mac 2011.
  • Microsoft Mediaroom, Software Intern(Summer 08)Mountain View, CA
    NVIDIA, Hardware Intern(Summer of 06 and 07)Santa Clara, CA
    C/Objective-C, Swift, Python, CoffeeScript/JS, SCSS/CSS
    Orin, Andy. I'm Tina Wen, Engineer at Dropbox, and This Is How I Work." Lifehacker. N.p., 18 June 2014.
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  • Hobbies
    Dancing, ultimate, snowboarding/skiing, zumba, climbing